Monday, July 03, 2006

Episode 1: The apartment

Finally, after zeroing down on 2 apartments near Lake Salmon HE and SHE came to common understanding that they love the apartment at Sushi Villa. It's a perfect place. Accessible to public transports, near to Asia's largest shopping mall, well populated, and very near to KL city.

They proceeded with the procedures in securing the apartment which costs them RM 180K in nearest round figure. Deposit of 10%, S&P and etc got them to cough up RM 25K initially. Thanks to both of their savings this was achieved quite easily without breaking much sweat. The sweat they had to break was only due to the heat in Lake Salmon. They came up with another 20K to get the place renovated and furnished.

The apartment - its at 7th floor (his lucky number), unit 2006 (her birth date, 26). This happened to be one of the reasons why they settled with this unit. It's a decent aparment with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living room and a balcony.

The balcony is just what HE always wanted, a full glass access right in the living room. So, you have no obstructions from the living room walking to the balcony. HE loves this so much. Being the TV-freak HE is, HE wants his living room to be perfect.

Her obsession in the house, the BATHROOM! SHE is so particular about the bathroom, be it wet or dry. SHE reminds HIM of Bree van Der Kamp! (whatever the spelling may be!)

He(H) : So, how our new place baby?
She(S) : Just like my baby....perfect....
(smooches exchanged for about 2 minutes)
H : So, are we going to perform the pooja?*
H : Ok ok, why shouting?
S : I am not shouting baby, I am SCREAMING!
H : Hey, what wrong with you? Why screaming?
S : It's our house Hon. It's OURS! No one to question us anymore!
H : Wait till the uncle next door knocks on our door...

Knock, knock, knock.....
(both puzzled, could it be the uncle next door?)

H : I'll get it. (still confused as they are not expecting any visitors on the first day itself)

At the door, a young chap with his female companion holding a plate in his hand with some sweets on it greeted HIM.

H : Hi, hello. Can I help you?.
Guests : Hi, we are the Tan's. We live right next to you, 2004. We thought we can drop by and welcome you to our apartment.
H : That's so sweet of you. Please come in. Baby, we have Mr and Mrs Tan here please serve them something to drink.
Tan's: Hello "uncle", we are not Mr and Mrs Tan-lah! My name is Tan Chee Ming, this is my SISTER Tan Swee Ling.
H : Blushing, embarassed and totally dumb-witted. Oh, err....he he he. I am sorry guys, I'm really sorry.
He-Tan : It's ok. No problem.
S : Hi Mr & Mrs Tan, welcome to our new place.
H : Hon, they are not Mr & Mrs Tan. They are from Mr. Tans family. This is Chee Ming and his sister Swee Ling. They are siblings. Don't you know that chinese family members share the same surname, bla bla bla...(obviously he is trying to make her feel more embarassed than him.)
S : Opps. I'm sorry.

That's how their first meeting with the member of Tan's went. Not a good start but at least there wasn't any issues with HER shouting and screaming! or, they thought so.......

(TBC - To Be Continued)...

* - Indians perform a pooja for any new house they move in to, to get rid of any evil spirit which may exist. Oh by the way, our HE and SHE are an indian couple.


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