Thursday, July 06, 2006

Episode 2 : Sharing house chores

After settling into their brand new apartment, the usual house chores came into their life.
Being working couples, doesn't really help for neither of them. So they had to decide on the house chores to be divided among them.

S : Now, we are done with settling down. We got to decide on the house chores sharing. Ok baby?
H : What do you have to do?
S : Cooking mainly, dish washing, laundry, house cleaning, marketing, bill payments, filing, and other minor works.
H : Phew. That sounds like a lot of work. Thank god I married you. Else I wouldn't know how I will be able to handle all this. Thanks Hon.
S : Cut the crap, you married me or married who-ever you got to share the work load. Alright?
H : Relax-lah baby. Ok ok, what do you suggest.
S : Ok, here's the plan.
H : Where?
S : Listen to me firstlah *****!
H : Hey, hey, hey. Wait a minute. As the MAN of the house I have said there should not be any alcohol, cigarette OR vulgarities in the house. Although vulgarities are allowed as when it is required under particular circumstances. *wink* *wink*
S : Alritto buritto. Now, my dear MAN of the house, can we discuss?
H : Yea baby.
S : I will cook on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday our dinner-date day, we eat out. Thursday, Friday you cook. Saturday and Sunday, we cook together. When I'm cooking, you do the dish washing. When you are cooking I will do the dish washing. Ok?
H : mmmmm.....
S : House cleaning to be done once a week, every saturday evening both to be involved. Agree?
H : mmmmm....
S : Laundry is simple, I put it to wash, you put it out to dry. Simple rite?
H : mmmmm....
S : Marketing, every Saturday morning depending on who's at home. ok?
H : mmmmm....
S : Why keep 'mmmmm'-ing? Say something....
H : Ok.
S : What?
H : I just said 'ok'? Didn't I?
S : Grrr. Ok Bill payments by you, filing by me?
H : mmmmmm.....ok.
S : So all agreed?
H : Hon, I really don't understand why housewives make a big deal out of house chores.
S : What are you blabbering?
H : You see, there are only 2 activities involved in any house. The 'BEFORE' and the 'AFTER'. That's all there is to it.
S : Huh? (look confused)
H : I will explain, but before that. This 'BEFORE' and 'AFTER' activities differs by its need. So We will have to have equal 'before' and 'after's between us ok.
S : I'm not getting it?
H : I will draw for you, usual. (so he takes out a piece of paper and a pen to sketch out the house chores)

H : By this table baby everything is divided equally. You have 4 'Befores' and I have 3 'Befores'. You have 3 'Afters' and I have 4 'Afters'. See its so fair isn't it.
S : Can you explain more about this 'Before' and 'After' thingie? I've never been this confused in my whole life before. Not even as much as I was when I said 'Yes' to you.
H : Ok, I will explain.
Cooking = Before : the cooking itself, YOURS. After : To eat it, MINE.
Dish Washing = Before : getting the dirty dishes ready to be washed, MINE. After : To clean it, YOURS.
Laundry = Before : to wash it, YOURS. After : To wear it, MINE.
House Cleaning = Before : the get it untidy, unclean so there will be a need to clean it, MINE. After : To clean it, YOURS.
Marketing = Before : to drive down to the market, YOURS. After : To bring back the marketed items back home, MINE.
Bill Payments = Before : to receive the bills, MINE. After : To pay it, YOURS.
Filing = Before : the get the folders ready and file the bills, letters, etc. YOURS. After : To check it, MINE.

H : See, I'm being fair right?
S : *toooooot* *toooooot* *toooooot*
H : Aaha, I'm ready baby. Where do you want it?
S : What are you talking?
H : I said, vulgarities are allowed only under certain circumstances. So i think you want me to create the circumstance now, right? I am getting it ready baby. Living room or bedroom? You choose. 'Before' is yours, 'After' is mine!

A good, fruitful discussion ended up in hot, steamy physical actions. Sigh.....
Location, unknown as it kept changing.

(TBC - To Be Continued)...


Blogger kG said...

hehehe. I like the chronicles of the inmates.
Especially the Ending.

4:57 AM  
Blogger Gusti Adipati said...

Thanks KG,

he he he. Just a write up. God knows if all these are true or not rite? *wink* *wink*

9:53 PM  

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