Monday, July 10, 2006

Episode 3 : Yes Pet, No Pet

Only after a few weeks, SHE wanted to add a new member into their family.
She was seriously considering her options, will they have time, are they financially secured to take up this new resposibility, will they be able to shower TLC, what about its daily needs and the additional expense it is going to spell?

S : Hon, should we add another member into our family?
H : WHAT!!! So early. I thought we will talk 'babies' only after 2 years, its only been few weeks now? Are you bored with me or what?
S : Hoi! First of all, I'm not talking about babies and secondly I am not bored with you....yet.
H : yet?
S : Yes, yet! ha ha ha
H : I demand an apology from you now!
S : Well, ok. Where do you want it?
H : Hey, I'm talking about saying 'Sorry' verbally. Nothing else. Don't get ideas ok!
S : Your lost. Not mine. Anyway, 'Sorry for the inconvenience caused'
H : Ya ya, papaya. Now, who are you talking about adding to our family? Your mum? dad? sister? neighbour? uncle? aunty? cousin?
S : None. I want to have a puppy...can I. (giving him the sweetest possible look she could express)
S : Cat?
H : Cats too...
S : Gosh, I want a pet. And I demand a pet.
H : What's wrong with me? Aint I cute, tall, dark, handsome, chubby, and an all-rounder just like what you wanted all along, rite?
S : Yes you are! Not denying it. But, I think we can make do with another one right?
H : Mmm, baby please. No dogs, cats, reptiles, any animal that can over grow, create a swarm or turn vampire at nite. Anything else, we may consider it.
S : Canary?
H : Smelly.
S : Tortoise?
H : Too slow. Won't be able to pick the papers. And it's a reptile.
S : Rabbit?
H : I hate carrots. So, I'm not going to buy for anyone in the house as well.
S : Hamster?
H : Too small. I might step on them.
S : Horse?
H : This is not a stable-lah!
S : Then what do you want! Why are you so difficult! Grrr.
H : Ok ok, how about fish?
S : Fish? Who's going to clean the aquarium? You? Both 'Before' and 'After', ok!
H : Mmmm. Now thats a tough call. May be we can get salt water fish. That kinda aquariums doesn't require much of cleaning and it is not to be done often. We can get the professionals to clean it every 3 months once. I can pay for it.
S : What fish?
H : May be, Nemo? Dory? Some other colourful fishes?
S : u are talking.
H : Alright, we can go down to 'Asia's Largest Shopping Mall' tomorrow to get an aquarium. Ok?
S : Coolio. Just a question.
H : Yes baby, shoot.
S : Can it pick the newspapers???!?!?!?!??!

They started chasing each other in the living room, continued to bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, before resting on the couch and watch, 'Flowers for Algernon'!

Fish or mice? Fish or mice? Fish or mice?



Blogger kG said...

Neither fish nor mice.

Get a sex slave.


11:55 PM  
Blogger Gusti Adipati said...

That's an interesting pet...
have any idea where to get it?


3:00 AM  
Blogger Karthik Ramakrishnan said...

Two things I noticed....
1) S : Coolio. Just a question...
----I really havent heard a woman/girl say coolio....hehe sounded a bit out of place...

2) S : Can it pick the newspapers???!?!?!?!??!
----I thought only men say would assume that a man would ask this question.....

5:37 AM  
Blogger Gusti Adipati said...

'Coolio' is HIS phrase. SHE practically adopted it only to be used when SHE is in conversation with HIM.

Secondly, when SHE asks 'Can it pick the newpapers??' SHE is being sarcastic to his comments on tortoise.

In tamil term, pottu vangrathu. He he

6:48 PM  
Blogger Karthik Ramakrishnan said...

well said..... :)

7:28 AM  

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