Sunday, July 16, 2006

Episode 4 : Litter, rubbish,!

It's another day and another arguement between HIM and HER.
Sigh, can we at least see them romantically spend the time for 1 day without any arguements?
That's too much to ask isn't it? :)

This time around, the issue is who's responsible for the litter, rubbish, garbage in their house.

S : Hon, can you dump the rubbish from our room?
H : Huh? I thought I just did 2 days ago?
S : Yes, you did but now its full again. Can you?
H : I think you are littering more than me, you should get it!
S : What? There's no way you can prove that, right?
H : You want proof heh...ok wait here..
(he walks to their bedroom to get their rubbish bin)

H : Look, its all yours. You facial tissue, cotton buds, some 'personal stuffs', more 'personal stuffs', and more 'personal stuffs'. It's all yours! You get it!
S : Hey, its rubbish!
H : Exactly, and it's all yours!
S : I mean you. You, rubbish!
H : I'm yours too, ain't I?
S : Yes, but why can't you just get the rubbish. After all, the rubbish chute is right at our floor. You don't really have to walk too far for it.
H : It's not about that baby. It's about being responsible for our own rubbish! Your rubbish is yours, and mine is mine! Own your rubbish!
S : Grrr, stop doing this and please just dump it for me for once. Will you? I will work this one out tomorrow!

Next day.....

S : Here, from now onwards we will have HIS-Rubbish bin and HERS-Rubbish bin! You think its fair?
H : Gulp! Will this have any implications on our other activities in bedroom?
H : Gosh, baby. I will be your personal garbage collector ok. Don't take it seriously ok. I'm sorry.
S : Sorry no cure. OWN YOUR RUBBISH!


What a loser! HE is in the most uncompromising situation any man wants to be. OWN YOUR RUBBISH?! Yea rite. Now pay for your own rubbish too! He went on begging for an hour before she goes to bed, dumping their 'personal plastic stuffs' in HIS-RUBBISH BIN!



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