Monday, July 24, 2006

Episode 5 : Love Letter....

It was a Wednesday afternoon, for some 'strange' reason (Yea, as though we have no idea why!) both HE and SHE took a half day off from office and rushed home. SHE reached home first in her Chevy. SHE parked, collected the letters from the letter box and headed home.

SHE placed the stack of letters in the To-Be-Checked-Letter-Palm. And went in to take her shower.

HE came back home. Walked into the house and heard the shower. SHE is showering. HE is excited. He noticed the letters on the Palm and went through it one by one. Thats when HE noticed a letter addressed to him but it's not a bill, invoice, statement or anything like that. It's a personal letter.

HE opened the letter and shocked to see that it was a LOVE LETTER.

It read....

Dear HE,

How have you been? I hope you still remember me.
It's been very 'long' since we last had anything in between us now.

I miss you like crazy. Over the years, I realised I will never be able to stay away from you.
You mean everything to me. Please come back to me. Leave 'her', and come back to me.

Or, if you are not ready, you can come to me as and when you like. I will accept you open heartedly. I love you so much.

The one you love.


Panicked! HE stood still. What should HE do. Tell HER about this and upset her at this point of time when both hof them have other 'stuffs' in mind? After all both came back home to have a 'good time'. Or pretend like HE didn't read this letter and make HER happy? What should he be doing now? HE heard the water drops in the shower stop. HE got to think and act. Fast. That's too much for a male!

S : Hon, you home? Come over to the room baby.
H : Err, yea baby. Give me 5 minutes.
S : wouldn't want to make me wait!
H : Just 5 minutes baby.

HIS excitement died. HE is confused. Come clean and accept the consequences or be happy first and think about this later?

Slowly HE walked to the room. The letter still in HIS grips.

H : Baby, before anything happens I need you to know something.
S : I'm sure we can talk about it later. You don't want to be 'talking' now. Don't you?
H : Baby, please listen to me. It's important.
S : Alright, alright. What is it?
H : You know I love you rite?
S : Yup.
H : Sincerely?
S : Aahha.
H : You know I will not betray you right?
S : Yes baby. I know. Whats wrong?
H : Will you believe someone if he or she tells you that I have been having an affair with someone else?
S : That depends on who the 'he' or 'she' is and also who are you having affair with.
H : mmmmm
S : I'm just kidding. I know my baby well. Nothing in this world can make me love you less.
H : Thanks baby.
S : Except for my Pedi and Mani session.
H : Ok.
S : And my CLEO magazine.
H : Ok.
S : And my Chanel outfit.
H : Ok ok! I don't care about that. But, there is something you need to know.
S : What?

HE handed her the letter. And SHE read it carefully, not to misinterpretate a single word or line of the letter. Once finished. SHE stood up, walked to him. And said...

S : Go and take your shower.
And she walked out of the room.
H : Baby, believe me. I got nothing to do with THIS. I really have no clue.
S : Just go and take your shower. I will prepare something for you.
H : Hon, please believe me. Do you still love me?
S : I will wait for you. Take shower now.

And SHE handed him a bath towel.
HE felt disappointed. And angry. Not towards HER but to the person who wrote the LETTER.
Slowly, he placed the letter on their reading table and walked towards shower. Thinking, how can HE make HER believe HIM. The fact is, he IS clean!

After 15 minutes, he walked out of the shower...only to find HER in the bed....

H : Baby?
S : Come here my sweetheart.
H : You are not angry or upset?
S : Nope.
H : Why?
S : Ssshhhhhh....(she passionately started kissing him and whispered). Coz I wrote that letter!
S : Yes baby. I just wanted to write you a letter and I did, since you were busy for the whole of last month and had no time for me.
H : GOSH! I almost fainted because of this and it's all your prank!
S : YES baby. Yes.
H : The 'her' you mentioned in the letter?
S : Your work!
H : Gosh. What have you prepared for me now?
S : The 'plastic stuff'
H : You naughty girl!
S : ha ha ha.....

A month long of hectic work ends in their bedroom at 4.00 pm!
Finally they realise that they still need food more than anything to survive and went out for a dinner at 7.30! What a day, a minute-drama, a major-make-up, and a happy ending. For once....

TBC ...


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